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Watairvent ® Furring Strips 50-piece Box

$279.00 USD

Avoid wall failures with a different kind of furring strip

Mold resistant, non-absorptive. 

Dual channel design reduces surface area
contact by 86%.

Will not become brittle and crack.

Product Overview

Advanced Building Products has taken the traditional furring strip and re-designed it to function in today's building environment.

Why Watairvent® Rain Screen Furring Strips?

Most residential and light commercial structures are built using absorptive claddings. Since trapped moisture is a leading cause of wall failures, it is important to design walls that allow moisture to Drain, Not Remain® trapped behind cladding systems. When building with clapboard siding, a wooden batten or furring strip is often used to create a capillary break. The concept is solid; however, there are issues with the design and material used in wood furring strips.

  • Wood is an absorptive material, which can lead to rotting and provide a food source for mold.
  • The surface area of the wood furring strips cover an average of 44% (front and back) of the walls surface area, which means 44% of that surface area can trap moisture.
  • The surface area contact between the furring strip and backside of the cladding can allow ghosting on the outside of the cladding.
  • Wood furring strips allow minimal cross ventilation.

Manufactured from a mold resistant non-absorptive composite material, Watairvent® Furring Strips will not become brittle and crack during cold weather installations.

The Watairvent® Furring Strip Advantage: 

  • Manufactured from a mold resistant non-absorptive composite material.
  • Manufactured with dual vertical and horizontal channels on the front and backside of the furring strip. This allows for dual drainage and cross ventilation. The dual channel design reduces surface area contact by
    86% when compared to traditional wooden furring strips.
  • Meets the National Building Code of Canada capillary break requirements for high moisture index.
  • Meets or exceeds applicable U.S. Building Codes.
  • Manufactured with fastening slots to allow for differential movement during installation.
  • White in color to match most trim work.
  • Will not become brittle and crack during cold weather installations.
  • Light-weight and easy to install.
  • Helps increase the longevity of wall sheathing and framing by allowing moisture to Drain, Not Remain®.

Core design of Watairvent® Furring Strips:

  1. Solid core for structural stability.
  2. Vertical channels for proper drainage and ventilation from the backside of the cladding to the front side of the sheathing.
  3. Horizontal channels allow for cross ventilation.

Size and Pallet Quantity: 

  • 0.375 in. Thickness, 1.75 in. X 8 ft. Pc. – 50 Pieces per box, 36 boxes /Pallet

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