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Mortar Break ® DT

$98.00 USD

Keep your cavity wall construction moisture free

Provides uniformity & structural integrity.

Mortar droppings break on multiple levels.

Will not rot or react with building materials.

Product Overview

Mortar Break® DT is our dovetailed mortar deflection system for cavity wall construction that breaks up mortar on multiple levels. Our design gives specifiers and contractors more options from one manufacturing source. The product is 10” tall with a 7” deep dovetail notch, meeting all current mortar deflection specifications.

Basic use:

Mortar Break® DT is great for cavity wall flashing locations. The molded polymer core geomatrix design allows moisture to seep down through any mortar droppings and weep out of the wall through mortar free weep vents.

Mortar Break® DT, used with our properly installed flashing and weep vents, along with good mortar applying techniques, will ensure the performance of a well-designed masonry wall.

Features & benefits:

  • The unique configuration provides uniformity and structural integrity which will stand up to the weight of the mortar.
  • The dovetailed design allows mortar droppings to break up on multiple levels for proper drainage to the exterior of the wall system.
  • Will not rot or react with common building materials.
  • Requires no adhesives, fasteners, or special skills to install.
  • The nesting design of Mortar Break® DT allows for more linear feet per pallet reducing freight costs.
  • The 90% open mesh allows for proper air movement and water drainage.

Available sizes:

  • .4” Mortar Break® DT 10” x 5’ - 250 LF/box 
  • 1” Mortar Break® DT 10” x 5’ - 100 LF/box 
  • 2” Mortar Break® DT 10” x 5’ - 100 LF/box 

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