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CedAir-Mat ® Roof Ventilation Mat

$189.00 USD

Increase the life of your Cedar Roof

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Prolongs life of membrane & roof structure.

90% open mesh creates an airspace.

Reduces sound transmission through panels.

Product Overview

CedAir-Mat® is a ventilation mat used in cedar roof construction. The 90% open mesh creates an airspace/cavity that is perfect for promoting air flow in all directions between the metal panels and sheathing.

Using a thin nylon matrix profile, CedAir-Mat® prolongs the life of the roof structure and  membrane by reducing the adverse effects  associated with moisture / water damage including mold,  mildew, corrosion and  deterioration of the roofing material itself.

CedAir-Mat® is extremely flexible and conforms to any contoured surface or roofing material and is perfect for residential and commercial roof applications.  


  • Creates an open structure for heat reduction and ventilation.
  • Prolongs life of membrane and roof structure.
  • Reduces sound transmission through panels.
  • Lightweight and easy for installers to handle.
  • Bends and conforms to any type of contoured roof.
  • Maintains a thermal break between roofing & sheathing.
  • Contributes to LEED points.

Size and Pallet Quantity:

  • 0.407 in. Thickness, 39 in. X 61.5 ft. Roll – 12 rolls / Pallet

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