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Mortairvent ® Rain Screen

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Protect your exterior walls with a rain-screen system

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93% open design accelerates drying.

Resistant to most known corrosive chemicals.

Reduces risk of mold or mildew.

Product Overview

When building exterior walls with stone, stucco, brick, cedar, EIFS, or fiber cement siding, it is important to use an effective rain-screen system that will provide a means for drainage and ventilation. Moisture will find its way into these wall systems by way of cracked mortar joints, gaps or cracks in the surface of the material. 

Natural absorption of the wood or fiber cement also needs to be considered. Once this moisture penetrates the outer surface of the wall, it becomes trapped in the wall system with no way to escape, creating the perfect environment for toxic mold growth and possible structural failure. 

Mortairvent® is a drainage and ventilation system specifically designed for use with most exterior siding materials.


  • 93% open design creates a continuous capillary break and channel for moisture to drain, accelerating drying of the exterior cladding.
  • Durable polymer material is resistant to most known corrosive chemicals and helps reduce the risk of mold or mildew.
  • Minimizes staining, peeling, and blistering of exterior finishes.
  • Contributes to LEED points.
  • Simple and quick to install. Easier and more cost-effective than traditional furring strip methods.
  • 2-ply design features a backer fabric that improves the tensile and compressive strength properties of the system. The fabric also serves to deflect mortar when used with stucco or a masonry veneer siding.
  • Integrated insect screen.

Sizes and Pallet Quantities

  • Mortairvent 202 - .25 in. Thickness, 39 in. X 61.5 ft. Roll – 18 rolls / Pallet
  • Mortairvent 203 - .40 in. Thickness, 39 in. X 40 ft. Roll – 18 rolls / Pallet

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