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ABP AdvancedDrain ® Drainage Mat (0.25 in.)

$575.00 USD
Fabric sides

Eliminate pressure behind foundation walls and more

Filtration & drainage in one package.

Lightweight, easy to install.

Install vertically or horizontally.

Product Overview

ABP AdvancedDrain® is a drainage composite mat consisting of parallel geometric drainage channels backed with a nonwoven filter fabric designed to eliminate hydrostatic pressure from  behind below grade foundation walls, retaining walls, planters, plaza decks and balconies. 

The product is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled, randomly oriented monofilaments. The polymer matrix is then shaped into a series of parallel, porous channels designed to allow flow in all directions. It is then attached (heat bonded) to a polyester nonwoven filter fabric designed to prevent soil or sediment from entering the matrix of the system, while providing ample flow of water. 


    • Residential foundation walls
    • Retaining walls
    • Planters
    • Plaza decks
    • Balconies

    Features & Benefits:

    • Filtration and drainage in one package.
    • Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
    • Installation in either vertical or horizontal direction.
    • Simple installation with either construction adhesive or termination bar.
    • Sufficient fabric overlap for sealing adjacent panels with construction adhesive to prevent soil intrusion at the joints.
    • Polymer core resistant to most known solvents and chemicals including acids and bases.
    • Convenient working width and roll length.

    Size and Pallet Quantity:

    • .25 in. Thickness, 39.5 in. X 135 ft. Roll – 8 rolls / Pallet


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